ExpressVPN Review 2019

ExpressVPN is one of the most famous VPNs in the industry. The service is based in British Virgin Island (BVI) that is assumed as the safest country from users’ privacy perspective.

ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers, which are ideal for unblocking Netflixtorrenting and other stuff as well. In terms of compatibility, the VPN is compatible with all the major operating systems such as WindowsMacLinuxAndroidiOS, and a few other popular platforms.

On privacy front, it delivers a comprehensive list of tunneling protocols including 256-bit military-grade encryptionTor compatibilitynetwork lock5 devices simultaneous connection at reasonably expensive $8.32/month price.

However, like other VPNs, this VPN has some cons. This is why I examined ExpressVPN through various testings and awarded 4.0 star rating in this ExpressVPN review.

My Rating Criteria

I checked ExpressVPN as per my own developed 9 step rating criteria that includes:

  1. Jurisdiction – Doesn’t exist in any eyes territory
  2. Security – Is ExpressVPN secure?
  3. Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests
  4. Servers – Is ExpressVPN P2P compatible?
  5. Speed – Ideal for streaming purpose
  6. Streaming – Does it work with Netflix & other VoD services?
  7. Compatibility – Apps and supported devices
  8. Pricing – How much does ExpressVPN cost?
  9. Trustworthiness – Trustpilot reviews, Reddit & Customer Support

Jurisdiction – Doesn’t Exist in any Eyes Territory

ExpressVPN is located in a safe jurisdiction that means it is not a part of any 5 eyes, 9 eyes and 14 eyes countries. It is a brainchild of a British Virgin Islands company ExpressVPN International Ltd, which is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean.

This BVI based VPN service protects users’ online traffic and their original IP addresses. It is so important to know where your VPN is based. Why? Because you got to know what internet rules does it follow?

The good thing is, the British Virgin Islands does not have any kind of data retention laws. Meaning, ExpressVPN is legally permitted to hide your online activity from the government and ISPs.

Security – Is ExpressVPN Secure?

ExpressVPN is one of the most secure VPNs available in the industry. It delivers 256-military grade encryption along with different protocols such as PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN too.

All these tunneling protocols differ from each in terms of functionality and support secure online browsing, gaming, streaming, and other tasks.

Other Security Features

Apart from common privacy benefits that most VPN services offer, ExpressVPN has some amazing features in its armory. Let us discuss them one by one:

ExpressVPN TOR Compatibility

The first and foremost objective of TOR is to offer next-level security. You can safeguard your traffic through multiple servers. If you use their app while using TOR browser, you are providing an additional layer of security to your data.

Hence, you can get rid of all the security vulnerabilities in the right way.

ExpressVPN Network Lock (Internet Kill Switch)

ExpressVPN delivers a kill switch feature by the name of Network lock. It helps users secure their data even if their VPN connection suddenly drops or doesn’t work for any reason.

ExpressVPN Network Lock Feature

This benefit will protect all your internet traffic as long as online security is not restored. You can use kill switch on different apps like Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers too.

ExpressVPN Logs Policy

In terms of logging, Express VPN does not keep logs. The VPN has published third-party audit report on its official website. It also complies with GDPR guidelines.

Let’s discuss ExpressVPN logging policy in detail. The VPN does NOT log any of your activity or logging history, none of that.

To be specific, it has clearly outlined in their logging policy that they never log:

  • IP address
  • Browsing history
  • Any website you visit/Torrent you download
  • DNS queries

From its logging policy:

We have carefully engineered our apps and VPN servers to categorically eliminate sensitive information. As a result, ExpressVPN can never be compelled to provide customer data that do not exist.

But what does ExpressVPN collect? This is what it collects:

  • Which app you successfully activated
  • Dates (not time) when you connected to ExpressVPN
  • Your server location choice
  • Data (MB) you used

By considering the above factors, these are just the tools that happen to make your experience better with this VPN.

I managed to confirm the ExpressVPN logging policy by reviewing the case of a ‘Turkish policeman that killed Russian ambassador’.

Turkey had to seize ExpressVPN server which was part of a criminal investigation. The authorities were unable to retrieve any customer data.

In January 2017, Turkish Authorities released a statement:

ExpressVPN does not and has never possessed any customer connection logs that would enable us to know which customer was using the specific IPs cited by the investigators.

This unbiased statement from Turkish authorities confirm the ‘No Logs’ policy of ExpressVPN and that is why you should get one.

Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests

ExpressVPN is a leak-proof service. It offers IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks protection features. Also, it is clean from any viruses, malware, and trojans.

IP Leak Test

Leaking your IP is another great disappointment with your VPN provider. Let’s see if ExpressVPN passes this test. I will be conducting the test using

First, I managed to check with my original IP without using ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN IP Leak Test with Original IP Address

Now, I connected to ExpressVPN US server and let’s see the results:

ExpressVPN IP Leak Test with US IP Address

And as expected, ExpressVPN didn’t leak my IP.

DNS Leak Test

It is important to check whether your IP is leaking or not before you go downloading Torrents or unblock a website. It is possible that your VPN provider is leaking your original location.

To check that, I logged into before connecting to ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN DNS Leak Test with Original IP Address

Now I checked again while I was connected to ExpressVPN US server:

ExpressVPN DNS Leak Test with US IP Address

There you go, ExpressVPN clearly passed the DNS Leak Test with excellence.

WebRTC Leak Test

I ran ExpressVPN through to check whether it leaked my WebRTC information or not.

ExpressVPN WebRTC Leak Test

Fortunately, I did not encounter WebRTC leaks at all.

To know more about different types of VPN leaks like IP, DNS, WebRTC and others, read our detailed VPN leak test guide.

Virus Test

I checked for viruses in the ExpressVPN Windows app file on It yielded Zero viruses. Here is the screenshot from their website:

ExpressVPN Virus Test

Servers – Is ExpressVPN P2P compatible?

As I said earlier, the provider delivers its services through a massive 3000+ servers that are available in 160 locations across 94 countries.

As compared to other VPNs, ExpressVPN has a multitude of servers in every continent be it Europe, Asia, and others. Apart from having presence in all leading destinations, it has existence in some rare locations such as Venezuela, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macau, and Myanmar too.


ExpressVPN provides an efficient obfuscation feature that allows users to bypass severe online restrictions in various oppressive countries.

In case of China, the VPN servers the local users by effectively circumventing the GFW (Great Firewall of China).

With having particular “Stealth Servers” located in Hong Kong, it allows users to bypass instantly the GFW and access Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube and almost every blocked site from within China.

This is really extraordinary.

ExpressVPN Torrenting or P2P File Sharing

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for P2P or torrenting activities. That said, you should avoid using the provider in countries where torrenting is declared illegal by law.

It might be frustrating for some netizens but overall it’s an encouraging thing that ExpressVPN endorses its users P2P activities in true letter and spirit.

Speed – Ideal for Streaming Purpose

As per speed testing results, ExpressVPN offers excellent download speeds. Now, getting to the most important part that concerns many people: how fast is ExpressVPN?

To conduct the ExpressVPN speeds test, I tested MANY different servers from around the world. My exact physical location is Utrecht, Netherlands and my current internet speed is 20 Mbps.

For your ease, I have compiled pings, download and upload speeds of ExpressVPN in the table below.

Server LocationPing (MS)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Decline by
Paris, France19218.528.3610%
East London, UK14316.5411.9220%
Frankfurt, Germany13017.1412.5915%
New Jersey, US22114.018.7430%
Kansas City, US24415.138.8525%

All the tests were conducted using the ExpressVPN OpenVPN protocol. Here are the screenshots:

ExpressVPN Downoad Upload Speeds with Pings

Streaming – Does it work with Netflix & Other VoD Services?

ExpressVPN is good for unblocking US Netflix.  It has 31 US servers and Yes, it works perfectly well with Netflix. Not only that, the VPN has an amazing feature in their applications menu that will connect you to the fastest Netflix server.

I performed extensive tests to check whether ExpressVPN unblocked Netflix or not using its different US server. Below, I am streaming Netflix series with ExpressVPN New York server. There were no proxy errors, neither had I faced slow streaming. Worked 100% fine!

ExpressVPN Netflix Streaming New York Server

To access Netflix with ExpressVPN, you just ought to connect Express to a US server. Once you do that, open Netflix and start streaming! If you ever get any problem, just get help from their Live Chat Support. They will help you out.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN supports Kodi, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices

On the compatibility front, ExpressVPN has beaten its competitors by a long distance. Not to forget that you may protect your five (5) diverse devices with a single ExpressVPN account.

Here is the list of different platforms ExpressVPN supports:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Routers
  • Gaming Consoles
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
ExpressVPN Apps for your favorite devices

ExpressVPN for Windows

Its Windows app is intuitive and easy to use. With a single click, you may select your desired server locations from anywhere. The app is compatible with the different versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows RT.

You can avail various privacy benefits in shape of split tunneling and browser extensions while using Windows app. You can also mark your favorite server locations hassle-free.

ExpressVPN for Mac

The same goes for Mac as well. Its app is highly responsive and extremely user-friendly. Furthermore, the app works on all Macbook and iMac models. The app delivers a secure VPN client for High Sierra, Yosemite, Maverick and other versions of MacOS.

You can use an exclusive built-in Network Lock feature to protect your online activities even if the app suddenly stops working for any reason.  You may take huge benefit from other advantages like Smart Location that lets you connect to the best available location by default.

ExpressVPN for Linux

You can download and install ExpressVPN on your Linux device instantly. What makes this VPN standout from other VPNs is it’s easy to use the command-line interface. In addition to this, the app is useable on various 64-bit and 32-bit versions such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Raspbian and Arch too.

The Linux app provides an exclusive Desktop Notification feature that notifies you about VPN connection or disconnection instantly. It also includes a built-in DNS leak protection that secures your DNS information completely.

ExpressVPN for Android

ExpressVPN Android app is highly impressive and works without any hassle. The app is light-weight and installed within a few minutes.

You can use the app on different versions like Android 10, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop. You can experience its new and attractive Shortcut feature that enables you to use your preferred services through ExpressVPN app.

ExpressVPN for iOS

The iOS app is compatible with all the latest iOS versions be it iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9, and iOS 8. It safeguards your iOS devices over LTE/4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and other mobile data carriers.

You may select your desired UDP, TCP, IPSec and IKEv2 protocols to secure your data. Likewise, you can sign in to the app stress-free because you don’t need to retype your username or password at all.

Pricing – How much does ExpressVPN cost?

ExpressVPN has 3 pricing plans i.e. 1 Month, 6 Months, and 12 Months. On 12-months pricing plan, you get to save 35%. These are:

ExpressVPN Pricing Plans

As compared to other VPNs, it does have expensive pricing plans but based on the features it’s worth buying.

Remember, ExpressVPN does not offer a FREE trial. Since we all are fascinated with free things, they should have at least considered this attribute.

When it comes to discussing its payment methods, ExpressVPN offers the below-mentioned options that include:

ExpressVPN Payment Methods

The service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users, ensuring a complete hands-on experience to subscribers. If a subscriber is unsatisfied with its service, they can request a full refund.

However, if the refund is requested after 30 days, then it will provide a pro-data based refund of service fees for the time duration when VPN wasn’t working. Not to forget, refunds are processed within seven days of a request through local currency or bitcoin.

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit & Customer Support

ExpressVPN has maintained an excellent presence on Trustpilot. The service has received 3500+ reviews in which 88% of users have rated their performance excellent.

ExpressVPN Trustpilot Rating

ExpressVPN Reddit

The provider has earned positive reviews mostly on a famous interactive platform. Different users have appreciated its app usability and customer support feature to certain degree.

Reddit Comment about ExpressVPN Performance
Reddit Comment about ExpressVPN Usability

Similarly, few users have praised their overall performance too.

Customer Support

Customer support is another area where ExpressVPN has outperformed other VPNs by a long distance.

The service has divided the section in different subcategories and these are round the clock live chat, email, ticketing, and FAQs.

ExpressVPN Customer Support

Do I Recommend ExpressVPN?

Yes, I do recommend ExpressVPN.

The VPN delivers an out of the box service including numerous features like Netflix unblocking, torrenting support, tunneling protocols, and encryption too. After availing the provider, you get what you pay for eventually.

Concisely, this service is secure and offers next-level anonymity. I had an amazing experience with this service while conducting ExpressVPN review. Thus, I endorse the service.

Based on the above analysis I give 4.0 rating overall.

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