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From internet access to home security to video and music streaming, the number of things the average person subscribes to has multiplied over the past few years.

This isn’t a fad. Fueled by rapidly improving personal technology and the desire for ever-more convenience, entire industries are re-inventing themselves for the services economy. This sea change has been a boon to consumers in many ways, but finding the best services can often be a difficult and cumbersome process.

Here at 1337reviews.com, it’s our mission to evaluate consumer services and recommend the best ones for our readers. We do the research and hard work so choosing the service that’s right for you is as easy as possible.

When it comes to services, it’s important to make the best choice at the outset, because once you lock yourself into something, it can often be difficult to switch. Even if there isn’t a contract, many companies don’t make it nearly as easy to unsubscribe as to sign up.

And while subscriptions may often be a better deal than buying things one at a time, each new service you subscribe to brings with it a new relationship to maintain — not to mention another recurring fee that can creep up. Think of us as the guardians of your monthly bill, ensuring you’re getting the most out of every penny you spend on subscriptions.

You’ll sometimes see product reviews on the site because sometimes services are so reliant on certain products (like video doorbells or smart speakers) that it’s impossible to give a full picture of that service without evaluating those products as well. Also, as the world has changed and services have continued to expand in number and in what they offer, so has our mission; there was a time when 1337reviews.com reviewed everything from vitamin supplements to vacuum cleaners, and many of those reviews are still relevant. None of this takes away from our prime mission of finding and evaluating consumer services.

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