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Sometimes, a site looks so cool that you can’t help but think that the quality is equally cool. And man! Are you making a big mistake! I can illustrate my point with, a paper writing company that has one of the best designs I’ve ever seen.

Apart from the fact that I don’t get the name of the company, Paperial has many other issues, however. Therefore, it’s not all about the looks, really. It’s all about the product you’re going to get.

Paperial from A to Z

Paperial has something I really like: only three services. Why do I like it? Because most of the times, companies make endless lists of services they are clearly not specialized in. However, not even the term papers, research papers and essays this company provides are of high-quality.

It’s mind-blowing, to be fair. There are only 3 things you must do, and you can’t even do them correctly? What the hell? Not only are these papers poorly written, but the writers seem to miss the deadlines on purpose. It’s the only way of explaining the huge delays.

And of course, these pieces of trash do not come for cheap.

The Prices

The Paperial prices per se aren’t that bad, but if you order more papers at the same time, you don’t get any coupon codes or discounts. Even though somebody mentioned that there was a promo code somewhere, I couldn’t find it.

This translates as “a bad deal”. For a single paper, the price is realistic, I’ll give Paperial that, but for a bulk of papers, this isn’t a feasible service. The prices, in this case, can reach alarming heights.

Customer Reviews

The writing was “of the highest standards”. Careful, Jessica, you might stab someone with that ever-growing nose of yours. Of course, the testimonials on are fantastic. Jacob, for instance, apparently had a life-long assignment, because it frustrated him all the time. The company helped him a lot.

Outside of the web, however, is where the fun begins. While all people agree that Paperial is not fraud or scam, there is an alarming amount of complaints in regards to the failed deadlines and the quality of the papers.
So, if you need a paper done in a short time, this company is clearly not the way to go. You can read some customer reviews and see for yourself.

My Rating

This review comes to an end with a 1/5 rating for It’s a pity that the greatest thing about this company is its website. I would not recommend this to anyone that needs a job done properly and within a certain time frame.

There are just too many problems with the site. Maybe in a couple of years, it would be a good one, but this kind of service doesn’t really care about progress all that much. I hope this review has been helpful. Spread awareness about this company, so others don’t fall into this pool of mediocrity.

Paperial review

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