My Detailed Review for MeldaResearch was founded in 2014, as the copyright on their web page shows. However, the site looks like it was made a few centuries back. This has to be one of the most disturbing academic writing companies I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

There are so many problems with Melda Research that I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe I should open with the fact that the BBB gave them a C rating, which is perhaps the worst one possible?

After reading this MeldaResearch review, you’ll see why the C is too fair of a mark for this company.

Info about MeldaResearch

The company offers the standard academic products like essays and research papers, among others. Not only are the deadlines missed, but the result of your order is going to be utterly atrocious.

There are so many grammatical errors in the papers that a Grammar-Nazi would instantly commit suicide. It is quite obvious that the writers affiliated with Melda Research are anything but native English speakers.

The resources used in the papers are either inappropriate, outdated or don’t have anything to do with the topic. Cringe-worthy to say the least.

The Prices

The prices of are not too high because there would be no way for them to have any customers. Discounts and coupon codes are limited to 35% for first-users. There is no promo code in sight.

Taking into consideration the horrible non-quality (seriously, you can’t use the word “quality” in this context), the prices are not in the least justified. This is an absolutely horrible company.


I looked for customer reviews on the website, but I could not find any. I did find a few off-site. I’ll let you with just one that caught my attention: some student was looking for a way to sue this paper writing service.

Why? Because his credit card was relieved of double the sum the paper really cost. I think that says it all about Melda Research. What’s more, complaints about the awful quality of the papers were pouring in.

I’ll say that is not fraud or scam in spite of the aforementioned potential lawsuit, because that might have been an isolated case. Maybe the card malfunctioned, or whatever.

Even though it’s no scam, Melda Research is to be avoided at all costs.

My Rating

Upon review, my rating for this garbage company is C. Maybe even below that. There are certain problems that need to be addressed by the representatives immediately. If it were in my power, this service would disappear from the Internet in the next 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it but spread awareness. If you’ve ever worked with this company and you’ve been disappointed by what your money got you, don’t stay silent.

Leave a testimonial on a site that deals with denouncing bad companies. Trust me, you’re not the first nor the last to do this. There are myriad other students that were in the same situation as you.

MeldaResearch review

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