Top 3 Writing Services That Are Not Reliable

Finding a good writing service nowadays is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With so many students struggling to keep up with their assignments, more and more of them will turn to essay writing services as a way of coping with the workload.

Unfortunately, many other people noticed this demand as well, and writing services keep popping up just for the sake of making people pay for word content. Granted, there are many legit services out there that are there to provide you high-quality content, but that doesn’t apply to the ones below. These are just there to take your money, and then “hasta la vista, baby.”


smartwritingservice review

Did someone say “smart”? If you ask me, there’s nothing smart about this service. These guys cater mostly to British, American, Australian, and Canadian students – so supposedly, they should be pretty good with their English. At least, that’s what they claim: that they have only natives and people with Masters and Ph.D. degrees.

The problem is that no matter how you look at it, the paper that I got was not written by a native that has mastered the language. If I actually got to it, I probably would have written a better paper myself. As for the resources, they were not college level either; two of them were from random internet pages, and only one of them was a credible academic journal.


DarwinEssay review

The theory of evolution, intelligence, science – the name Darwin leads us to all these positive stuff. Sadly, however, there is nothing “evolutionary” about – other than the disturbingly low prices. I have learned the hard way that very low price means poor service – and I definitely wasn’t wrong about that one.

The paper that I ordered was so riddled with mistakes; it probably would have taken more time to correct than it would have taken to write the entire paper itself. Plus, the paper came one day late, which would have been very troublesome had I been pressed by a tight deadline.


i write essays review

Seeing that I paid over $200 for an 8-page research paper, I actually expected to be blown away by the one I was about to receive. So, imagine my surprise when I picked up my paper, started reading through it… and started cringing. It was packed with so many writing errors and poor referencing that it was actually painful to it.

I sent a message of complaint to them and asked for another person to write my paper until I ultimately got back half the money that I paid them. I got a revision as well, but not many things changed after it. I guess all their writers are pretty much at the same level.

Overall, I’ve seen good services, and I’ve seen bad services. These are obviously from the latter category. Seriously, if you care about your grade at all – and your money as well – you will want to avoid these three services.

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